What’s the difference between Being Alone and Being Lonely

Ok this is my first post in english… and as usually it talks about sad subjects… yeah yeah… I know I might be a dark caracter… this is why my Nick Name is Dark Cat… I like to think Cats are very Wise creatures who are very thoughtful … and Giving a Dark touch to this look you get me… a very Dark thinker…

Well being said what I said already let’s get into the subject…

When you are Alone it means you are on your own… you can’t count on anyone else to do your dutty… I think I can’t find a better definition… maybe an example will help…

Let’s say you are driving on lot of traffic and you are alone in your car… you can do it by yourself… drive turn pass other cars… it sounds easy if you are independant…

Well that’s a good way to see it… don’t you think?… the other side of the coin is when you are used to have a copilot… so when you are driving alone… you start to feel lonely… you need that other person to be helping you and supporting your driving…

Well… you might think… that’s stupid… so why don’t you just learn to be independant in the first place… well continuing with the example… you realize that when you have a copilot there are actually two brains working together to accomplish something… the copilot might help to ask for permission to pass another car… see things you can’t see… actually working as a team with somebody else makes things work better… that’s why you decide to do the job as a team… so in my opinion… there is nothing wrong with relying on someone once in a while… actually it’s very wise… we are not gods… and we are beings born with the ability to work as a team.

Well… The problem (if there is any) might lay on the subject that we get a little dependant on the other part of the team… so when we are driving by ourselves… we start to feel like something is missing… like a part of us was just taken apart… and that’s not totally wrong… see… now we have to do things that before we didn’t have to… and this gets us all lost… withe inminent question… what a hell just happend here!…

Getting back to our subject here we see the difference… being lonely means to me… feeling like we are empty or incomplete… like there is something lost… missing or whatever you want to call it… and this provokes a huge desperation and need to have that part again… it could get us into try to fit this space with whatever that comes into us… but this is not healthy because this space left behind has the shape of the “Thing” that was before… so nothing can really fit in there…

So what’s the best way to stop feeling Lonely again!!?

Well easy… the best way is stop feeling lonely and start to feel alone… fill that space with ourselves… Yeah it sounds so logical… but in the practice that’s so hard… and why is it so hard?

Ok let me talk about it for a while… We work on different levels… and our deepest desires don’t come from our minds… they come from mmm our Heart if you want to see it this way … mor cientificly (they come from our emotions) see emotinos are the most old ingelligent system working on our body… so they don’t work with logic… and they are very slow… so this is a process very slow…

So focusing on our subject… the way to be alone… is Really!! being alone… not trying to fit anything else into that space… not trying even to get the original piece back… Let’s think about it as a Balloon… if you press it you will see how it shape changes… but if you take the finger apart… you can see how the balloon gets to it’s original shape… so that’s the same with our emotional body.

So… to be complete as a whole! you need to let go the other piece… and slowly you can adapt and start to drive the damn car just by yourself… use the mirrors… and get the windows down to ask for permission when passing a car.

See this might be so confusing right now if you haven’t experience neither of those states…

But let’s say that Being Alone is: Being you without anything else. (period)

and Being Lonely: Is you Being Alone with the lack of something You already had and feeling this empty space that let’s you with an incomplete taste.

Ok… I hope I have given you a light in all this Darkness 😛 I know the writting of this post has given me one…

Please leave your comments about this kind of subjects… (if you want just don’t leave your name) but I know this kind of trouble happen to everybody (well not everybody but most of the people) other wise… I’m going to start thinking… I’m getting Crazy 😛

well I know I already am… let’s face it…

Ok… talk you in a while… Byee!

3 Responses to “What’s the difference between Being Alone and Being Lonely”
  1. clo dice:

    that’s so deep, with gratulations for write that kind of subjects.
    be always like that…

    and remenber smille every day


  2. DANA dice:

    just i will smile……….and you should to do that…
    and i forget to say that i have a cat so she is like my friend when i feel lonely and no one behind me i speak with my cat …good luck

  3. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

    I’m Out! 🙂


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