Kinetic Typographies!!

Ok ok… so this is going out of my regular dosis of posting, buuuuuuuut…. I thooought….




Let’s try something NEW… aaaaaaand Show MY “READERS!!!” 

A Differente side of me…

YEaaaah Most of you think of me aaaaaas a depressing GEEEEK… buuut

I Can bee also a very interesting Artist…


Here’s a little SOOurcE! of inspiration…



I neeeeeeed to say…







BCause!!!!! She was the one who introduced me to this kind of FrEakYYYYY!!! Art…


Eeeeeeeenjoy!!! IT!!!

why… so… SERIOUS!!!??? – The Dark Knight


Tony STARK – The Jericho —-> IRON Man

[Youtube =]

…abouuuut…. GOD!!!! – The Devil’s Advocate!


Oren ISHI – Kill Bill


RUBEn’s IN – Ocean’s E1even…




Peter GRIFFIN – Family Guy


1.21GWAAAATTTS???? – Back to the Future


keeeeys? – Capitain Jack SPARROW – Pirates of the Caribean


A kill— Sin CITY


HAHAHAHAHA – The Dark Knight


…the PRESENT – Kung Fu Panda


You are so SWSEEET ❤ – Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother


8 Rules of Fight Club! – Fight Club


size maTTeRS NOT! – Yoda – Star Wars!


3 Responses to “Kinetic Typographies!!”
  1. Alejandro dice:

    Esta Deahuevisimo esto, te acordas que en el video de Guate en Facebook es algo asi, pues era lo unico que habia visto de este tipo de arte, me gusto mcuho, jejeje anyway lo discutiremos por skype 😉 see ya!!

  2. Alejandra dice:

    Está increíble…es que hasta te quedás pegado a la pantalla…sin moverte, sin parpadear!! hahahahaha


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